Monday, May 01, 2006

What I'm Doing Today

Philip & James, Apostles
Thomas a Kempis

I'm ill today. Between the traveling and staying up too late over the weekend, I guess I've done exhausted myself. It's funny the way it happens, too. The first day I'm fine except for a headache in the morning and a sore throat in the evening. On day two, swollen throat and stuffy head. This will continue for two more days. Oh well. I should get better in time to go to Amsterdam this weekend.

Today I'm attending lectures on the biblical canon, eschatology, and art in the Bible, and studying at Coffee Republic with Edith and Brad in-between. Pretty sweet.

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Anonymous said...

Praying that you'll feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Can one be "ill" in America or only in England? I think in America you would be "sick". In France vous etes legerement malade.

Anonymous said...

Amsterdam. I love that city. A truly great city. It gets a bad rap because of the "red light" district, but that's only one tiny area in the city, and it's really not even worth the shoe leather to get there, IMHO. But the rest of the city, the canals, the cafes, the museums...well, I think I left a part of my heart there. Have a great time my friend. And PS, if you need any tips on what to see, e-mail me.

Anonymous said...

Just realized I was a little carried away in that comment.... :)

For all I know, you've been to Amsterdam and know it better than I do!

(Note to self: "Remember what happens when you assume....")

PS Kyle please get well soon. :)

Anonymous said...

get well soon Kyle - steve and i sick also. Just spent the last half hour writing a bitchy email to one of the Greyfriars 3rd years who called Steve and the Greyfriars 1st year "slovenly pigs" when he doesnt even live there. you'd have been proud of the dripping wit and sarcasm. ;) PS - miss you - i will be back soon to join the posse.

Katey said...

I'm sorry that you're feeling under the weather. I hope that you will feel better soon.

3 weeks left of school tomorrow. YAY!

Love & Peace,

Kyle said...

Thanks, y'all. :0)