Thursday, May 11, 2006

No, Really.

Sometimes I feel like that half-crazed priest in the original Omen who bursts into Gregory Peck's office and says, "You must accept Christ as your Savior and eat his Body and drink his Blood! It's the only way you have a hope of surviving what's coming!"


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+ Alan said...

Haa! You must thank me for making you watch that movie. Oh, and watch out for falling lightening rods!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What did Mike link to, my internet filter wouldn't let me open it.

Anonymous said...

It was a picture of me, but I then realized... Kyle has a large readership. I don't want everyone to see THAT!

So, check my myspace.
You creepy priest...


Kyle said...

Mike, you are out of your bloody mind.

And yes, that did make me feel just a little creepy.


And you know, I would post one myself, but I don't have the ... tan ... for it.