Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Pack of Lies?


Katie Eating Popcorn has been making some good points about worship lately:
Tonight I came to a stunning realization. I was at a "worship" service when I noticed something far more disturbing than The DaVinci Code. Many of our contemporary worship songs are mixing truth and lies in the same way.

Go there to see what she's getting at.

She writes good stuff, and you should read it.

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Anonymous said...

Haha! I am reading the DaVinci Code. Give me thirty seconds, and I can theologicaly AND historicaly kill it WITHOUT getting upset or even troubled. It's a pretty good story, actually. And it made me think about "constantinization" and the historical charisma (read: Deity) of the Christ, Jesus.

But, turning to worship. It's sad what kind of songs churches sing here. "Jesus, You're the man! Dude..." or "Joy, joy, joy...happ, happy, happy... God." all with a sad-face. THEN when we get to the theology of it... I am not a calvinist, by anyone's definition... but, some of these songs are a joke: "If only my one heart were all you gained... I know you still would have died as only my offering." Again, not opposed to openess theology, but this is crap. I am sure that Augustine, Iraneus, and God forbid, even Pelagius would've been excommunicating left and right.

I am done. Off to work!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you might be interested in the "Zeus Test" that I have employed when looking at praise music:

If you can replace the words "God" or "Lord" or "Jesus" with the word "Zeus" too often in the songs for worship and still have those songs make sense, then perhaps the lyrics are not grounded adequately in the particularities of the Gospel.

A few songs here and there are OK. (I still like "Siyahamba" at appropriate occasions.) But a steady stream is spiritually debilitating.

Anonymous said...

I think we should all run with corporate chanting and community prayer.

That would be better, for me.

Kyle said...


Well said, guys.

JHearne said...


I've always called that the "Buddha Test." I think the "Vishnu test" works, too.

Extrapolate from there.

Anonymous said...

On a side note: Who are you Richard from Chico? I normally recognize names, but not yours... yet. I am Mike.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike.
Just a guy from Chico, California (home of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale) who happened upon this blog a few months ago and found the posts and the banter challenging and refreshing. It sounds like all of you are on the right track, and I am vicariously enjoying the company here.

Some of Kyle's quotes have found their way into sermons. I tried to fit "because gods who do not raise the dead must die" into Easter Sunday, but figured there's too much unpacking required.

I thought I saw another Richard post here so I went with my name and location.

Hope its OK that hang out here with y'all.

Kyle said...

Oh, I'm certainly appreciating your contributions to the banter. :0)

Thanks for commenting, and do continue to have fun with it.

Anonymous said...

Richard from Chico,
I'm a frequent contributor to the discussions here. You may have seen my comments. It is indeed a small world. I lived and ministered in Chico, CA for many years in the '80s and early '90s. I love that town. I live in Minnesota now (and love it), but I'll always have some of the best memories of Chico. And I lived just a few blocks from the Sierra Nevada brewery. :)

Drop me an e-mail if you care to.
cttq @

#Debi said...

Wow, A, you must be old...


Kyle said...

How very droll!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Debi, I think we had this conversation about my age when I was in Lexington awhile back. :)