Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Besides, Chicks Hate That


When I was 18 or so, I was having a conversation with a couple of baptists about "women in ministry" (because such things were important then, I suppose), and I pointed out that Paul called a woman an apostle. They insisted that this couldn't be the case, and when I picked up a couple of bible commentaries in the pastor's own office to demonstrate this, said pastor accused me of playing "scholastic gotcha" or something like that.

And they never made a response to make sense of why Paul would call a woman and apostle, or the fact that he did so. Here's an article on it in Books and Culture.

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JHearne said...

Nice story.

I can't help but wonder when the whole "He who has ears to hear..." thing applies.

Matthew Wireman said...

It's a shame that your friends and pastor didn't have a response. Here are a couple:

A FEMALE APOSTLE?: A Lexical-Syntactical Analysis of Romans 16:7


Women in the Pauline Mission

Anonymous said...

Sometimes as a pastor having books in your office can make you look smart, but it has been known to backfire.

Garrett said...

is said pastor the pastor i'm thinkin of? you gotta expect the guy that thinks that only the kjv is the inspired word of god ain't gonna make room for a bun in the hot dog party.

Kyle said...


Garrett, I think the guy I'm thinking of is a generation younger.

Anonymous said...

What they say:
"Standing for biblical truth in an age of apostasy of modernism."

What they think:
"Those damn feminist liberals are trying to overtake God's holy church as revealed in the local communities who practice credo-baptism! I won't let 'em! HONEY! Bring me the 10-gauge and my jar o' lemmunade! Whooooeeeee!"

Kyle said...

Hehe. 'Age of apostasy.' Like it's something new. Always drives me up a wall.

I think if I every became a real apostate, I'd make a t-shirt and write a blog about it.