Monday, September 26, 2005

Turning Points

It's not as hard as I thought it would be, this matter of leaving. By the grace of God, I think I did my preliminary mourning about a week ago, and at present my feelings are of joy and gratitude more than sorrow.

My friends gave me a great party yesterday, attended by most of my very favorite people. It pains me to leave, but it's important that I'm not just leaving. I'm being blessed and sent out to pursue my vocation, and to be with new and old friends in the UK.

We ate together. We talked. We lamented Sunday blue laws. Our love for one another, and all of our hopes and fears were taken up in the Eucharist. His life continued to flow into us as we broke the bread and drank the wine. All I could think of was the love that was there. "This is real," I thought to myself as I sipped from the chalice. "I believe in this."

I believe in who we are together.

As all of those people laid hands to pray over me, to bless me and ask for God's provision, I could only be grateful. I am grateful that I belong. I am part of something bigger than me. I'm part of them. I go to this new place to be welcomed by new people. But I'm still part of these people here.

I will miss my friends. They will miss me. But that's not at all bad.

Update: Details from Alan's party be here. And that is me with Bishop Sock.


Anonymous said...


I just discovered this wonderful blog and hope you don't mind me adding a link here on All Too Common.


JHearne said...

I wish you peace and love, brother. You're in my prayers from afar.

Kyle said...

Andy, thanks for the compliment. As a quite shameless self-promoter, I appreciate the link. I also was a fan of +Stanton when I worked in his diocese.

Thanks for the well-wishes, Josh. I miss you, down there at Bible college. ;0)