Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Apostolate to Drag Queens?

This is a paraphrase of two very similar conversations I've been privvy to over the past few weeks:

T.: I've been to one of those drag shows once. They're... something else.

J.: You're tellin' me. But they're desperate for Jesus like everybody else. I go to the shows, and have gotten to know a lot of them, and they can't hear enough.

T.: Are you serious? Drag queens want you to tell them about Jesus?

J.: These people have been told their entire lives that they're "Sodom and Gomorrah," and that God hates them and is disgusted by them. When I tell them that Jesus really does love them for who they are, right where they are, they just start sobbing. Do you know what it's like for them to go through life with all of these religious people telling them how much God hates them?

He loves people just the way they are, but too much to leave them that way.

Too true.

I'm going up to Georgetown to gather up the last of my accessible documents to apply for entry clearance - permission to enter the UK for study. A prayer would be appreciated...

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+ Alan said...

"...but too much to leave them that way." Oh, how often we forget that part. It's too hard. Love transforms.