Tuesday, September 13, 2005


From Ship of Fools:
Karl Rahner, Hans Kung, and Cardinal Ratzinger all arrived at the gates of Heaven on the same day. St Peter informed them that he had been instructed to go over a few matters with each individually before their admission.

He called Karl Rahner into the side chapel first. Five minutes later, Karl emerged, near tears, and said, "How wrong I was!"

Hans Kung was next. Half an hour later, he emerged, quiet and humbled, and murmured, "How wrong I was!"

Ratzinger was last. Six hours later, St Peter emerged, sobbing. "How wrong I was!"


Anonymous said...

"Bump, bump, bump .. another one bites the dust." Oops, sorry. Is it sacreligious to quote from Queen when responding to papal humor? Too funny ...

Eyrezer said...

lol, I can't believe that!! :)

Kyle said...

E., I would think that you would have a special appreciation for this one. Too bad you didn't read it earlier, you could have shared it with His Holiness. I wonder if he'd have laughed...?

Eyrezer said...

True! It would at least have been an original conversation to have. I imagine he might have laughed but then gone on to deny it.

I'm enjoying reading your testimony. Quite a journey that God leads us on, aye. I listened to the VBCC Conversation of Faith you were on. Rome might have the truth aye? Take as much time as you like... ;)