Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Being Missional Christians

Why Anglicanism? Part III
On Adapting the Faith in Anglicanism

A primary conviction of the English Reformation (as well as the BCP) is that worship and scripture reading should be in the native language of the people. Being missional (or incarnational, as some of my friends prefer) is to take responsibility for helping each culture frame its worship of and obedience to Christ in its own native language or cultural forms. Meaningful expressions of adoration and service in one time and place might not be appropriate or all that meaningful in another. Each province of the Anglican Communion has its own prayer book, a body of liturgies adapted to their specific needs but subject to the Reformed Catholic perspective of the original BCP and the tenets of the English Reformation, the 39 Articles of Religion.

(I should note that the Episcopal Church of the United States of America does not consider itself beholden to the 39 Articles of Religion. I believe that some Anglican provinces do subscribe to the Articles.)

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