Monday, August 28, 2006


Ordinary Time
Augustine of Hippo

Anybody notice that I've stopped writing so much about theology and quite a bit more about what I do all day? I think it's because when I'm studying all day, I don't really want to write about it, as well. It just seems like altogether too much work. Oh well, we'll get back around to that stuff before long.

Investigators are still trying to sort out yesterday's crash in Lexington. We continue to pray for all the folks who've been affected.

I had dinner with my sister and uncle on Friday, and had some folks over to hang out and watch House afterwards. Yah, we're pretty exciting people. The other Kyle and I went to the Greek Festival on Saturday, which was pretty nice. We caught up with friends at Common Grounds afterwards. I've spent quite a bit of the weekend at the bookstore. Inventory was last night, so I'm dragging a bit today.

At the moment I'm at the Honey Bean in Tate's Creek Centre pouring over my Use of the Bible notes and composing the outline for my essay. Yah, I should have been doing this long ago, but sometimes things happen.

Today we have another blog post from Jesse...

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Expax said...

You mean theology can be seperated from life? Oh my. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Did you guys google anything fun?


Kyle said...

We had a couple of beers and read some Chuck Norris jokes. However did people entertain themselves before the Internets...

Next time, it's Scrabble!