Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Day

Ordinary Time

6:30am. Make coffee.

6:45. Breakfast with med student.

7:15. Kroger. Gotta eat this weekend.

8:20. Coffeeshop. I'm out of beans.

8:30. Putting away groceries.

9am. Parking at LTS. Gonna get stuff done!

10am. Gettin' stuff done.

10:30. Reading book reviews in Christian Century.

11am. Back to the Cambridge Companion to Biblical Interpretation. Starting chapter 9, "Biblical Studies and Linguistics."

11:30. Looking up a book in the catalog. Discovered WorldCat link. Decided to blog about it. Some old guy keeps bringing in his stuff for 15 minute work sessions during which he mumbles to himself. Hmm. Time for "Aspects of the Jewish Contribution to Biblical Interpretation."

The Cherrix kid won his case.

60 days? And a 500 word essay? With football outings? You have got to be kidding me... There's more here.

12:30pm. Okay, the first half of the book is finished. Time to go seek my fortune abroad.

2:30pm. Except for the power outage on Nicholasville Road, my Secret Project was moderately successful. Well, I made progress, anyway. Danny's coming over to hang out. Hooray!

4pm. I think I'll chop some veggies. We're talking about jobs, common friends, what the churches think and do about gay people, seminary, and finally the Eucharist. He brought it up, I swear!

5:30. We have a coffee table now. Did I tell you this? I'm very excited about it. It makes me feel all grown up.


Expax said...

You wakeup way to early. Thought about cutting back on the coffee?

Julie said...

Damn that was lame to log all that. It is even lamer that I used my now minimal internet time to read it all. See ya soon - I won't ask what you've been up to!

Kevin Stilley said...

Fish Tacos????? YICKKKK.

#Debi said...

Actually, Kevin, they were quite good. AND, he made bananas foster for dessert, which was da bomb! And a lovely Reisling I discovered to go with...

Kyle said...

I heart fire.

+ Alan said...

Fish Tacos are pretty famous. They were created, as the story goes, in San Diego. They're pretty good. Go look them up on The Food Network site.

Jim said...

I don't care what the others said, at last I get a taste of your average day (Fish Taco's and all)... missing you back in Oxford bro.. the weather's been getting cooler but the beer is still warm. Blessings...

Kyle said...

Aw, thanks, Jim. :0)