Monday, February 20, 2006

Evangelicals, Papists and Tom Wright (Not Related)

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Saturday morning I put together a list of interesting links with brilliant commentary. And then Blogger lost the post. I'm not really pleased about that. So here are a few of them. A little less commentary, a little less brilliant. Sigh.
I’ll never forget hearing how my best friend’s little sister frowned upon seeing their uncle arrive at a function in his chosen get-up of women’s clothing. “It’s not that you’re wearing a dress,” she said. “It’s the dress you’re wearing.” That pretty much sums up my feelings about Contemporary Christian Music.
- from "Supply and Demand," at GetReligion

And from the American Papist (HT: Amy Welborn):
Here's another gem of a quote - this time from the liberal Catholics:
"The real role of the church is not to tell people what to do but give them a map, and conscience is the compass."
Wow. This is hilarious. Luckily the Church will always send a St. Bernard your way whenever you get lost in the frozen Alps of pride.
Meanwhile, I'm going to London on Wednesday and Thursday to hear N.T. Wright talk about the Bible. Details here (.pdf). Anybody else interested?

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#Debi said...

I posted my "four things" post on Saturday. A lovely, long, and quite irreplaceable post. And Blogger lost it. I feel your pain.

Jared Cramer said...

sure, let me just jump the first plane to england.

blogger issues is why you should switch to WebbleYou, the company that hosts my site for $4 a month. It's well worth it. Tell them Jared sent ya. :-)

Anonymous said...

I want to go!

Kyle said...

No. Bishop Tom can't stand depressing emo kids.

Anonymous said...

Screw you, Kyle!!!

HE loves Jesus, and Jesus loves me... So Tom will love me!