Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'm a little stressed...

... so today, I am the library nazi. When I hear your mobile phone ring on the next table over, and you start having a nice chat? You're gonna hear me tell you to take it outside. If you start having a friendly and energetic conversation near the computers in the back of the library, I'm going to tell you to shut up. Loudly. Impolitely. With colorful words. And I won't care if you're the english tutor.

Because I need peace and quiet while I read. And write blog posts.

And for something a little more constructive, go read Josh's creative re-working of Psalm 137.

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Anonymous said...

Soembody's a little moody... I am very sick, and I'm not as cranky as you! Wow.

Have a good day reading and writing!!!


Expax said...

you aren't going to cry?

Anonymous said...

Dude if you need any help enforcing library rules then give me a shout....these outrageous acts need stopping promptly.

Kyle said...

Thanks, Adam. If I'm going to tell off everyone, I'll need help!