Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Doctrine, Context & Practice: Essay Proposal

7 Epiphany
6 Hilary

'We who are many are one body, for we all partake of the one bread': Understanding the 'Mystical Communion' of the Church as an Aretegenic Ecclesiology in Scripture and Contemporary Practice

In response to the increasingly common expression, 'I believe in Jesus, but not the Church,' I wish to expound on what Avery Dulles calls the 'mystical communion' model of ecclesiology as grounded in scriptural language. This is intended to offer disillusioned disciples a practical framework for believing in and living as the Church. In my exposition of the Church as a 'divinising communion,' I will use Ellen Charry's notion of 'aretegenic theology' as a guide: this ecclesiology will commend itself to disillusioned Christians as salutary and conducive to creative practices for their socialization as persons who understand themselves as taken up into the life of the triune God through their shared life as the Church.

Indicative Bibliography:

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Alright, now to get it done.
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JHearne said...

I was waiting to see Zizioulas on there. No Yoder, though?

Anonymous said...

When you finish, I want a copy.

Myself being one of your disillusioned disciples.


Kyle said...

No problem, Mike. ;0)

Josh, I'm open to suggestions. I've only read the famous book by Yoder.

JHearne said...

How about Body Politics?