Monday, October 31, 2005

Reformation Day

Given that living in England is more expensive than I thought and that various incidental expenses have put the crunch on my wallet, I've decided to sell indulgences.

That's five pounds for venial sins (naughty things you did but you really didn't mean to be naughty), and ten pounds for mortal sins (things you did deliberately to upset God).

Or you could be a bit more precise about it, and pay me one pound for every century you want taken off your time in purgatory. Why centuries? C'mon now, have you met you?

For my generous (though mildly sinful) American friends, you can of course send checks. E-mail me and I'll give you details. I will also offer my prayers for those of you kind enough to link this post in your blog and support my ministry of religious quackery ... I mean, soul saving.

much love,

+ Kyle Georgetowniensis

Bishop of Georgetown (in exile)


Expax said...

Hey Kyle you need to setup a PayPal for us to send you money, maybe.

Kyle said...

Oooh, good thinking!