Sunday, October 30, 2005

"The church does not exist for the sake of creating nuclear families"

Thanks to Alan for pointing us to this article last week. If you're interested in branching out on our previous discussion, have a read.
This is a key point for the church today. Until we recover the proper teaching about singleness, and its goodness in Christ, and stop pressuring anyone and everyone in the church to get married, we have no business pontificating about marriage and its blessings. Too often, single persons in the church are simply viewed as 'candidates for dating and marriage' (never mind that the Bible says nothing at all about dating, or late Western notions about romance and courting). This is a trainwreck waiting to happen, and the result is many persons are pressured into marriage who are neither ready, nor have the grace gift to be in a marriage relationship. This in turn leads to numerous divorces-- and the endless cycle of matrimony, acrimony, and alimony receives another push.

- Ben Witherington


Expax said...

Actually I wasn't the one whom pointed it out. I believe the proper credit is to Alan. Sorry. But thanx for the plug for my blog. I hope to post installment III of my series this week, which comes partly due to this blog.

God's peace.

Kyle said...

Oops, I will fix it. Cheers