Monday, October 31, 2005

4th Week

The term is nearly half over! Who saw that one coming?

Today I get to start sorting out what my essay titles might be for Mission and for Doctrine of God. I only have a few vague ideas at the moment, but perhaps I'll have something more intelligent to say about it after I've read a bit more and brainstormed with my advisor.

I took most of the weekend off. Friday of course was Formal Hall, and the partying was completely off the chain: after dinner I joined the other graduates and tutors for tea in the SCR, then wandered off with some ministry students to the Royal Oak to talk for a bit. Somehow I ended up sitting in McDonalds (you heard me) with some undergraduate friends in the later part of the evening. We felt like cool kids.

One of our seminar hours consisted of a discussion group on feminist theology. At one point the discussion degenerated into something more silly than even I would have thought of: after we discussed hierarchy and the Trinity for a bit, and what "inclusion" in the Trinity might mean, we stopped to consider, "So why couldn't Jesus have been a hermaphrodite?"

"What?" someone asked.

"What?" thought the rest of us.

It got a little... intense.

It wasn't quite, "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin," but it was the next best thing at that moment. Crazy modernists.

I should also note that the little exchange is not representative of the course or the seminars as a whole, or really at all. I'd have been driven batty by now were that the case.

On Saturday I went out to see and support the Regent's football game against Somerville; I was recruited as a sub, but unfortunately didn't get the opportunity to play. That's just as well at the moment, since I can't actually remember how to play football. Casually asking other college members, "Soooo... Remind me, what's the off-sides rule?" doesn't instill confidence, by any means.

Next time: What if I told you that I'm discerning a vocation... to be a megachurch pastor? Hahaha, I slay me. And so will Josh.


Expax said...

Wow.... Jesus had a penis? j/k

Not that this is anywhere as bad as yours but I remember in undergrad a group of people (guys & gals) getting in a debate together whether Jesus masterbated or not. Dude... I wonder how she would of handled that discussion *laugh*.

JHearne said...

Hey... Megachurch pastor is the way to go. It's where all the money is at, right?

Kyle said...

Ben, there are so many bad puns I could employ at this point, but it's too easy. I'll let you use your imagination. But don't post the results!

See Josh, now you're talkin.'