Friday, September 14, 2007

Take that, Jeff Fugate

It's now going to be legal to sell alcohol by the package in Lexington on Sundays. On December 16th.

'Cause it wasn't before.

The funny thing was, the fundamentalist Baptists who showed up to argue against it are essentially prohibitionists - they want to outlaw alcohol any way they can. Their arguments seemed kind of strange when the city was considering expanding the existing alcohol sales, not cutting them off.
They said expanding Sunday hours would lead to more alcoholism, alcohol-related crashes and hungover employees who would not arrive to work on time on Mondays. It would also lessen the respect for the Lord's day, they said.
Lemme tell ya - as it stands, Sunday's the only day I'm sober - and that's gonna change real soon. See the thing is, alcohol goes bad if you don't drink it the same day you buy it.

Oh, wait. What?

Huh. Okay, so that's not true at all. You mean I could have been tanked at the last church picnic! What a terrible law.

Okay, I'm done. Back to the dissertation...


+ Alan said...

Seriously, next time we have a vine & branches potluck, everybody needs to get their liquor on - well, in December. Whatever. If people are disposed to alcoholism or disposed to stupidity in drunkenness, the law won't make a hill of beans difference. The stupid will be stupid.

Kyle said...

We can? Thanks!


#Debi said...

Kyle, weren't you tanked at the last church picnic? Or was that me? :)

I actually got to indulge my addiction to talk radio and called in to my favorite local show about this. I pointed out the fact that no Sunday sales doesn't keep anyone from drinking on Sunday, it just makes them plan ahead. Someone else pointed out that if the only place you can get alcohol on Sundays is at restaurants, then you have more people drinking outside the home on Sundays, which could actually increase drunk driving as opposed to buying it and taking it home to drink it.