Monday, September 17, 2007


"Theological training is overrated. What makes the real difference to your theology is your personality type rather than what you're taught. For instance if you're a divergent-minded and progressive free thinker, you're far more likely to be an Arminian, whereas if you're a thick-headed, hardcore, everything-is-black-and-white humourless zealot with Asperger's syndrome, you're far more likely to be a Calvinist."


Anonymous said...

Never thought of myself as a "divergent-minded and progressive free thinker". I suppose that's changed over the last few years, but I was an Arminian long before I was emergent (or something approaching such).

At any rate, the quote sounds like a bad joke. Seemingly, theological discussion is filled with 'thick-headed etc.' persons on all sides.

Kyle said...

Yeah. :0)