Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Question of the Day

Is it acceptable for anabaptist Christians to view fireworks displays if they offer the apologia, "I'm not a patriot, but a pyromaniac?"


Anonymous said...

Why would viewing the fireworks be considered a problem for the anabaptist? I realize what the fireworks display is commemorating, but the fireworks display is also just that. I love watching fireworks regardless of the reason (or even the lack there of [Disney]).

Can we not participant within culture (and its events) without being defined by it?

Garrett said...

Kyle, you should really worry more about getting that tongue out of your cheek in case you bite down too hard during the finale.

I didn't get through Lexington last week except for travel-thru with the dogs. I'm not sure why I haven't found a better excuse to get down there for a visit.

Courtney and I decided that we're going to start celebrating "the day before Independence day" on July 3rd. We'll watch bad British movies and try to figure out what British vegetarians might eat (or might just wander the International aisle at Meijer). When we have kids, we'll dress them up in little redcoats.

Peter said...


But be careful. If a tear comes in your eye during "America the Beautiful" you need to sacramental confession. Make no provision for the flesh brother!!!!