Friday, July 06, 2007

On Hating America

I believe that Christians are called to faithfully love, serve, and even potentially be killed by the people who live in the time and place called America.

I just don't happen to believe in the story called "America." That's the difference, and it is often called "hating America."

But it's not, really. And I'm comfortable with that.


+ Alan said...

This is where I find myself having trouble sometimes. If, say, I DO believe in the story of -- Ireland -- what then? Is it then that I can speak lovingly about it, fly flags, have Easter Rising parties, and maybe give secret money to the IRA? Maybe if I believe in the story of Ireland - the Republic - I might be able to tell myself I can pick up a gun and kill somebody over it, preferably somebody who's English, you know.

So, for me, it's not enough to not believe in the story of America. As human stories go, by the way, it is actually a fairly noble one. It's not enough, because it leaves open the possibility that I may, at some point, believe another story which is not the story of Jesus and His Kingdom.

So, generally speaking, I do not hate America. And perhaps I love Ireland too much. But what I must continue to cultivate is a hatred of anything and everything which stands so tall that it captures more of my attention than Christ. I must hate anything that has within it the ability to steal my love from Jesus. That may be the only hate we are permitted as God's children.

Peace to you Kyle and healing to your back. Let me know if you want me to come over and swing you around by your ankles. :)

JP said...


Enjoy the blog, could you further elaborate on what exactly this means "I just don't happen to believe in the story called "America."

#Debi said...

JP, I was just about to ask the same question. Thanks for asking it for me...

Kyle, sorry to hear about your back. My coworker who broke her neck years ago in a car wreck gets similar pain whenever it rains...