Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kitty Update, Etc.


Kitty continues to wander the house, meowing and making that odd chirping noise. It's mostly chirping, which I think is an indicating that he's happy. He loves to sit on laps or curl up next to us on the sofa.

I decided that while he's really cute curled up on my bed sleeping while I work, I don't want a cat on my bed. I started moving him to the floor, or clapping my hands when he jumps up. He hates that, and goes to hide under the bed. After that, he spent the entire afternoon sleeping at my feet under the desk, and most of the evening after I moved on. I think I won - I didn't expect it to happen so quickly.

Jay and Kyle 3 came to dinner last night, and we discussed politics at our table for what might have been the first time ever. We reached two important conclusions: the Republicans are screwed, and so are the Dems.

I made a meatloaf, I thought it was pretty nice.

Oh, and yes. (HT: Addison Road)


Garrett said...

Sounds like you just upgraded the Dems...

Anonymous said...

mmmm, meatloaf.

Jennifer said...

Cats like comfortable things and they like being up high. You may also want to try a cat bed or an old blanket on a chair as a way to offer a good alternative to your bed.

Good for you for adopting a cat that needed a home--I think they make the best pets, because they tend to be more grateful (spoken by someone who adopted two strays herself).

I enjoy your blog very much, btw.