Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"Be The Change You Want To See in the World"


I remember discussing in philosophy class one day how Gandhi was actually quite mean to his family. His son hated him.

I always think about I read these lefty Christians who talk about the man like he was the wisest, kindest fellow ever.

I'm just sayin'.


Kyle Tau said...

Hey Kyle,

My name is also Kyle. I recently discovered your blog and love the things you are discussing here. I am new to the blog world and just started my own blog ( I would be interested in getting some feedback from you on the issues I am engaging there, as we seem to be in similiar theological worlds. Anyway, I look forward to engaging with your blog more in the future. Thanks for the time you put into it.

Peace of Christ,

Kyle Tau

Lori said...

maybe that quote came out of his own struggles and desire to be different.
We all learn and grow and hopefully become wiser..
Just a thought