Monday, May 07, 2007

FYI: Today's Reading


The Irresistible Revolution, Shane Claiborne
The Rule of St. Benedict
The Winter 2007 issue of Christian History & Biography, focusing on Benedict and his monasteries.


Anonymous said...


So, I'm re-reading Claiborne's book and finishing the Rule today.



(Read "Sex God" and "The Politics of Jesus" and then we'll be weekly reading twins!

Kyle said...

I think Claiborne comes on a little strong in places, but in many other paragraphs I find him right on the money as well as poetic.

How are you liking Bell's new book? It's not really on my ist; while I liked Velvet Elvis for what it was, I prefer Generous Orthodoxy if I'm going to recommend somebody a text for "Post-Christianity 101."

While BMac is something of an albatross for folks these days (whether they know it or not), that really was a good book that explains some basic Christian doctrines and ideas in a very helpful way.

I'm going to go over some Politics of Jesus as a matter of fact, but only when my "Writing about the Empire" section takes shape. Next will be Dan Kimball's new They Like Jesus... But Not the Church, Frost's Exiles, and that other guy's New Friars.

You should read Fitzallison's Cruelty of Heresy or Ramsey's Gospel and the Catholic Church if you're going to be an Episcopalian... ;0)

Anonymous said...

St. Benedict makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, man, maybe some of that Benedictine stuff will stick. ;)

Anonymous said...

GO was a decent book. I re-read it last week for about the fourth time. I'm nerdy like that. I was trying to explain to a friend that my pacifist ideas are compatible with my theological views, as well as the church I am involved in. I know, I know... TEC has a reputation of this and that but I enjoy my church, my dioceses, and my Bishop. Anywho... I just bought that first book you mentioned.


SaintSimon said...

On a different topic - how is your MTh going? When will you find out if you have passed?