Friday, January 05, 2007

Marian Dogmas?


Father Richard asked if I've got a read on the "emergent Mary." For that, I might check out Scot McKnight's book, The Real Mary (you can pick it up at Joseph Beth Booksellers in Lexington, or order it from Bill Bean), but I've not read it myself. He seems to be the go-to guy for evangelical/emergent Christians on Our Lady at the moment. Go to his blog, Jesus Creed, and click the Mary category and go back to the archives in June. I know he's written also about prayers to the saints and moreover, the Communion of Saints, but I don't know about praying to Mary. I know Alan's written about it, and maybe he'll be good enough to post a link for us.

I haven't spent much time with the Marian Dogmas myself. I have no problem with some kind of mystical role for the Theotokos, but I think almost anything along those lines goes beyond scripture. You all realize that I don't have a problem with that as such, but I like to tread cautiously when we do that.

I'll just say that like a good proto-Anglo-Catholic (?), I find Our Lady much less threatening than does the average southern Protestant. Ha!

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Anonymous said...

Do you mean suedo-Anglo-Catholic? Proto is like "under-developed."

I don't see a problem with things like The Angelus. Most of it is from scripture, anyway. I know that some have a problem with the term "Mother of God", but I think it's impossible to deny her that title without denying the deity of Christ.

Anonymous said...

I try to see Mary from Jesus' perspective. The fully human side of Jesus has a deep love for her, which is what I seek to imitate. It seems the heart of the Marian dogma dovetails well with good Christology - in the sense that what the Catholic Church says about Mary has mostly to do with lining up with who Jesus is rather than inflating her role at all.

Anonymous said...

Good question Kyle. Like you, I've not studied Mary enough to know exactly where I stand. I'm definitely much more open to Mary than ever before.

Of course, I know a bit of how the Cistercians see Mary. There is no doubt that the Cistercian charism contains within it a definite love for Mary. If I understand correctly, the Cistercian order has dedicated all of its churches to Mary and it was common for Cistercian monks to take Mary's name as part of their own. (i.e. M. Basil Pennington). I'm not sure but I don't think Mary Bryan Sherwood seems to work.

Maybe I'll post on Mary in the near future. You've given me something to think more about.

Oh Alan . . .

Anonymous said...

Good Lord - where is my comment!? I totally left a fairly long comment on this post and it's not here! aaaagghh!! I couldn't recreate it. Makes me sick.

One point I'll re-make: One thing that makes me think really hard about Mary and her influence on the Church, etc. is the fact that almost every person I read and admire (even venerate) for their great wisdom and holiness, has had some kind of devotion worth noting to the Blessed Mother.

I think we often hold people in great esteem and neglect to take into account what got them to that place. We may also sometimes be too quick to dismiss certain aspects of their faith if we don't understand it or if we perhaps disagree. Just some thoughts. Peace.

Anonymous said...

M. Bryan Sherwood - nice. :)

I'm pretty sure every Cistercian Monastery is officially named "Our Lady of..." Gethsemani is.

If you're ever there at Compline you'll see that they love their Mother - when the lights go down and that one candle is on in front of the icon of the Virgin and Child and they sing Salve Regina. Beautiful thing.

I have no problem considering her my Mother. She is, after all, the Mother of my older Brother, Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Of course every evening prayer we pray the Magnificat which in itself is quite an honor to Mary; to think of all the men and women repeating her words every evening worldwide reflects something of her importance.

Anonymous said...

Have you had a look at the Anglican Marian Devotional Societies?

I'm wary about the Marian Dogmas being dogmas, but that isn't to say I don't believe in the IC and the Assumption.

Marian devotion can be of great help, and highly spiritually enriching - try getting a rosary and going wild - it's worth it!