Thursday, April 06, 2006

Random Stuff

5 Lent

Tonight we had a larger group meeting of the 'home' community, to talk things over about worship, mission, and the beginning of the monastic chapter. Fun times. I've spent over eight hours today revising my essay, and I think I'm about to spend one more. It's been a good day; I like it when I have some clear direction in my work, and there's a concrete purpose involved.

Patrick and I just spent some time watchin' telly. Highlights included Frasier, South Park, and "Extreme Plastic Surgery." And lots of screaming. True to the title, the surgery was indeed extreme. Hence the screaming. Obviously.

We watched music videos on some of the 20-odd music channels. I remember when "Stacy's Mom" was popular back home; it was when I first arrived in Dallas in the late summer of 2003. I thought I was going to begin some positive (priestly) formation, and come to a safe place in terms of community. Oops. Nostalgia is a funny thing. I remember arriving at my apartment with Bonny and Steve, and calling my friends to tell them what a nice place it was. It even had a pool. I never used it much. I will still recovering from the accident, and had to be careful about how I treated my body. Oh, well.

You know, I still have divets in the sides of my skull. I only notice when I cut my hair short. They aren't visible, of course.

Hope and trust are funny things. I can get called cynical or foolishly idealistic by different people for saying the same thing. If I am what some people call idealistic, it's because I do hope and I do trust. Lots of people don't.

I like this way better. I have no idea why I decided to write this funky stream-of-consciousness post, but there it is.

Update, 02:45. I have finished correcting my draft.


Expax said...

Maybe when you write things like this it really helps us to see the heart and the man that beats so passionately behind the words in this land bytes. As for me, well posts like these warms my heart.

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with Stacy's mom.

Anonymous said...

I remember that too, but Dallas is behind us; life is good, and we have a few years to look forward to together in Lexington. Peace bro.

Anonymous said...

Where is my final copy??

Chris said...

Hey, stream-of-consciousness posting is MY thing! Leave it alone!! When I come here I expect hardcore theological provocation, not touchy-feely, emo thoughts!


+ Alan said...

They sort of are visible. I knew a kid named Stacey when I was a kid too and dude, his Mom was hot, so I liked going over to his house. My wife is hot too and I'm glad. I wish I had a group of 12 disciples to "ruin." I'm too fat and need to ride my new bike more. I love to cook and could probably make a living at it if I was willing to never see my family and get yelled at a lot by big-shot chef bosses. There's your stream of consciousness comment. Pax vobiscum.

Kyle said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

Ben, I do hope to warm the heart at least as much as I chill the soul. I do hope to do quite a bit of the latter, make no mistake. :0)

Theophilus, Stacy's mom is indeed incredible.

J-man, you're right. Happy times ahead!

Mike, you are a slave driver. I might have to make you a canon of the non-existant cathedral in my non-existant diocese. You can be the token wanna-be liberal. :0)

Chris, I'll deal with you later. And by "deal with you," I mean "burn all your stuff."

Abbot, you've ruined me, I think. And that's a start...

richard said...

I particularly enjoyed your 'bad shit crazy in love with us' comment. I think Jacque almost lost it at that point.

Anonymous said...

You are right, lots of people don't hope and don't trust. I admire you for both, even if it sometimes it seems the opposite is true. Hope and trust reside in me, somehere; I am just not sure where. It is people like you that remind me that a healthy dose of cynicism is one thing, but nihilism is not--it is giving up. Keep doing both, only those that do have any reason to keep doing anyway.

Kyle said...

Thanks, Richard. I always like it when I can make a point and make sure everybody's paying attention. Oh, and it's "bat-shit crazy." Sounds weirder. ;0)

Thanks, Brad. I appreciate that. We find hope in strange places, and one of the joys of understanding "sacrament" for me is the realization it brings that I, you, all of us, are so much more than we think we are.