Saturday, April 15, 2006

Holy Saturday

Christ in the Tomb

A Prayer for Holy Saturday

O faithful, come, let us behold our Life laid in a tomb to give life to those who dwell in tombs. Come, let us behold him in his sleep and cry out to him with the voice of the prophets: 'You are like a lion. Who shall arouse you, O King? Rise by your own power, O you who have given yourself up for us, O Lover of mankind.'

Click here for a short meditation on Holy Saturday, by Simon Jenkins of Ship of Fools.

"Holy Saturday" at Monastic Mumblings

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Anonymous said...

I like the pic. Very nice.

Stephen Lawson said...

Holy Saturday, the fittingly awkward pause in the liturgical calendar.

The Gospels tell us nothing of this day, because all that there was, was silence.

Kyle said...

Cheers, guys.

"fittingly awkward pause." I like it.