Sunday, January 22, 2006

Time for Pictures

3rd Sunday after the Epiphany
2 Hilary 2006

So I thought it was time for me to post some photos of my new digs at the Old Mission Hall.

And of course, there's a Georgetown College banner over the bed.

The room itself is a kind of "split level" deal, with the desk and about half the floor space on the lower level, while the bed, closet, and the other half of the floor space are two feet up.

Those are icons on the walls. There's also a crucifix around, it's just not in the photos.
You know, in case you were concerned.

When I was staying on 12th Street the summer before last, a friend thought it was odd that I kept a crucifix on each wall of my room. He commented, "you know, I think the only person who could possibly be comfortable in here is an Orthodox priest. And I wouldn't be completely certain about him."

And here's one of the kitchens.

The Front Door.

The Upstairs Common Room.

Last night I made a lasagne and salad for six of my roommates. They volunteered to contribute dessert, drinks, and a DVD. It was great to get to know these new friends over dinner and a film late into the evening.

This place is awesome.

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rawbbie said...

it looks like you live in a church.

Expax said...

nice windows

JHearne said...

Here's my suggestion, Kyle.

Get a travel-Crucifix. (Perhaps it's smaller or it folds up for easy packing) Take it everywhere you go and affix it on the wall of any room you'll be spending more than 4 minutes in.

I like the look of the place. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Peace and Love

Anonymous said...

looks cool. I'm jealous.

Kyle said...

Good thinking, Josh!

Thanks everybody. Pretty sweet digs...

Bryan said...

Looks great!