Sunday, December 18, 2005

Herald Leader: "Lighten Up!"

4 Advent
My Personal War on Christmas, Day 5

I'm glad to see that the editorial board of the local paper and I are in agreement. Check out Tuesday's editorial piece in the Lexington Herald-Leader, which suggests that the whole controversy could be something of a divine joke:

Weece defended the decision to close by reminding his flock that Christmas has its roots in ancient paganism, something you'd expect to hear from some secularist sourpuss or a Da Vinci Code-waving Druid.

He also recounted how the babe in the manger grew up to clash with "misguided" zealots who valued "religion over relationships.'' This could be construed as a step toward a defense of gay marriage or support for legal benefits for unmarried couples, surprising from the Southland pulpit.

The judgmental have now discovered how it feels to be judged.

The empire-building mega-church elders declared you don't have to warm the pews every single Sunday to be righteous. Meanwhile, people who ordinarily preach tolerance were quick to condemn this particular break from tradition.

And people who never darken the doors of any worship house were outraged that this church would be closed on Christmas Day.

Maybe the lesson is this: It doesn't matter if this is the season when you celebrate the Light of the World, the lengthening day or just the twinkling lights. We all need to lighten up.

So take your choice of secular or sacred slogan -- Lord what fools these mortals be! or Peace on Earth, good will toward men -- and enjoy the holiday.

Advent is about making room for the King who is to come. When we fail to do this, he will create the space in our lives by turning our values upside down, showing the strong things to be weak and the foolish things to be wise. One thing the gospels do make clear about the coming of the Master is that it will be outright shocking to many people - so let's not be too ready to stone one another.

And by way of reminder, it's not just Southland:

"Fewer attending Christmas Services," in the Lexington Herald Leader. Hmm. I still know lots of people who will, and let's remember that those Christians who make it a habit to observe the liturgical calendar probably would have anyway.

And let's not forget the American government's War on Freedom. Shudder.

Come, let us worship the Lord, the King who is to


Anonymous said...

Wow. I was going to go into the NSA, but I changed my mind. Crazy stuff.

I'm kind of thinking that this holiday fun we're having is sorta funny and sorta sad. It shows just how divisive we are to the choices of others to temprarily suspend particular traditions. Although I would prefer to be in chirch on sunday, my church isn't gathering.

So, in the end, Jesus came and he loved he lived and he died. Then he arose aging, to the joy of out souls.

Peace on earth...

Kyle said...


But you probably know that the whole point of my War on Christmas is to be silly, and to say that everybody who takes such things seriously is also silly...