Monday, November 28, 2005

Michaelmas, 8th Week

Monday, 1 Advent

This was a very nice weekend. On Friday I finished most of the conceptual work done for my essay in the "Doctrine, Context and Pratice" module, so I'm excited about getting more focussed reading and writing done during the next week and over the break. I might elaborate about it a bit in this space should you and I both be bored enough.

Nobody said anything utterly ridiculous in seminar on Friday. You know what that means; it must have been me...

It's hard to believe that I'll be on Kentucky bluegrass again in 7 days. I'm expecting a parade.

Nobody bothered to plan a bop for Friday, so after dinner and coffee in the SCR, I joined some of the undergraduates to watch Return of the King in the JCR. I worked hard this week, and wasn't in the mood for anything extremely social. On Saturday morning I wandered out at the crack of 9am with Jen and James to collect for Kashmir Earthquake relief on the street under the auspices of Christian Aid ("We Believe in Life Before Death") and spend a couple of hours having coffee with them in the MCR. They're wonderful people: they laugh at my stories.

I spent most of the afternoon and evening at the Bevins' flat on Saturday cooking and eating Thanksgiving dinner. I roasted the turkey (I used a fresh garlic, salt, rosemary and basil rub) and made a dressing and a large dish of Sweet Potato Puree with Bananas and Roasted Pecans. It was beautiful, and fortunately I didn't have to say so myself (wink). And lets not forget, some 37 pounds of mashed potatoes. It was a potluck, but as usual, I got a little carried away. I think perhaps 18-20 of us came. One of the guys (Captain Sulu's nephew!) helped me out with a good deal of it, which made things a lot easier. It was a great time, with good company.

Last night one of the girls had a birthday party, so I went into college to spend time with those folks. Somehow I ended up in the JRC afterwards watching "BASEketball" followed by "Mean Girls" until 3am.

I also have a new place to live when January comes around; I'm pretty excited about it.

The washing machine is still broken.

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