Thursday, May 19, 2005

a few less impurities to burn away

Not much to write about at the moment. I've been doing thinking, and resting. Which means less talking. Perhaps the creative output will pick up again soon.

I'm "free church" again. "Again?" you ask. I'll tell a story about that soon.

Last week I got to rejoin the mothership (ahem) to worship and spend time together. I had only joked about it before, but surely enough we talked about Purgatory for quite some time.

Basic question: is the process of formation into the likeness of Christ, that process we're going about now, and that God is doing in us, a process that will continue in some sense after we die? Will there be an instantaneous completion of sanctification, or a process. JP put it well: "... like some kind of cosmic group therapy." Alan introduces a good article by an Asbury prof here if you want to read on the idea.

My take?
Purgatory makes sense to me. "Love's redeeming work" surely won't be finished like the final touches on an assembly line, but rather with the loving hands of a master artisan.

And frankly, I think I deserve the extra attention.

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#Debi said...

I think you deserve the attention as well. :^) I'm glad you were there the other night.