Thursday, January 27, 2005

Why Church, III: What About Churches that Don't Get It?

You know, I don’t really know. No Christian community has been perfected, and that’s okay. God’s will is to redeem, reform and grow us. If I were going to be part of a local community, regardless of whatever other trappings they keep around (buildings, Sunday schools, evangelism or mission “programs,” I would only require they be open to the above ideas, and be willing to let God convince them of their importance. And some of the trappings that drive me up the wall might be appropriate for some missional contexts. That’s okay, too.

But if the congregation’s leadership were casting a vision that works against the above points and continued to teach them to be consumers (savvy or not), I couldn’t deal with them. I recently left a congregation because I saw no evidence that they were really interested in being friends with me or anybody else outside the walls. I can’t let myself be bothered by other peoples’ bad theology. I can be in relationship if they are correctable. I must be, also. The Holy Spirit will have a terrible time leading us into truth if we insist that in all of our little practices and opinions we already possess it in its fullness.

My question is, ultimately, would they tolerate a real live move of God in their midst? Would they attempt to discern it and get on board, even though it’s nothing like they thought it would be?

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Jesse said...

Yes, Kyle. Exactly.

(Sorry, I couldn't resist.)