Thursday, January 13, 2005

Vindicated: Why I Blog

…it was not done in a corner.

—Paul, The Acts of the Apostles 26:26

Living in God's New Community

The Christian community is the outpost of the Reign of God in a world that has yet to learn that its old rulers and gods have been put to flight by the Easter event. It provides a fellowship of healing and redemption in which men and women can be restored to humanity as it was meant to be.

What does it mean to bear witness that Yahweh has raised up his Christ from the grave, and also raises up men and women to a life with himself here and now?

This cannot be accomplished through mere preaching, or religious presentations, or whatever programs someone devises as “evangelism.” The good news of our restoration to God through Christ can only be demonstrated in the whole life of an entire community. Words are nice, but they just aren’t enough. Only living with people would give you an idea of what this looks like.

Captain Sacrament

So I tell my story. My life, in the context of my wounds and failings, my strengths and God’s healing, is one example of what redemption can like. Not for anyone to emulate, but simply to listen. My primary audience (to my mind) is my friends, the people with whom I share community life. I put into words parts of my story that I share with the community. Some folks I haven’t met read also this stuff, surely. God bless you. Maybe we’ve been to some of the same places in our journeys.

In the life I live with Christians, many of those places are considered godforsaken. They aren’t, and we aren’t. I demonstrate that with my life and explain it with my words.

Why Vindicated?

Jesus of Nazareth was Yahweh come to judge his people, and to redeem them all at once. He took the suffering of Israel and the punishment due their idolatry upon himself. In the person of Jesus, Yahweh himself became godforsaken, abandoned by the people, accursed by the law, and destroyed by the pagans.

Yahweh vindicated Jesus, and all those who are in the Messiah find themselves vindicated as well, blameless and without fault, raised up to new life in him. This is the restoration of our humanity.

Jesus the Crucified God is ever near the godforsaken.

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Anonymous said...

...and all this time I thought it was to meet girls online. Well written, and insightful (as opposed to inciteful, as many of your posts are) -i.m.

Anonymous said...

well, well....
my friend you are indead an impressive write, but the idea you have are far more important. i reget not getting to spend more time in conversation with you. i will have to fix that at some point.


+ Alan said...

Niiiice - changes and apparently, trouble, are afoot. Pax vobiscum.

Not here anymore said...

Dig the update to your blog! Missed you at Commons last night...heard you were at Lock 'n Key. Bob, Daniel, Kelli, some others, and I went to the midnight showing at the KY Theatre of the director's cut of D. Darko...thought of you. Keep in touch.

Not here anymore said...

...not sure why I thought of you when we watched D.

Kyle said...

Right you are, Alan.

I've been reading, and praying. And still writing.

That never bodes well.

And Alison, didn't I tell you? Darron is Donnie Darko.

Anonymous said...

Well well well.... Not the sort of read I was thinking of for 12:18 AM... but you never were a simple minded creton, were you Kyle?
Thanks for the thoughts. I'll be back. (to the site....)