Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Weekend Fun

Ordinary Time

While we have a few fun holy days and commemorations coming up soon (e.g. Trinity and Corpus Christi), the Church has entered Ordinary Time. Fr Alan has offered us a helpful explanation and meditation on the "season."

And some thoughts on my weekend, written while waiting for the train yesterday:

I've had a great weekend with David and family, and I'm waiting for my train overlooking a bank of trees along the rails. I hope to get some work done on the journey, as I don't expect to be in Oxford for another… four and a half hours.

My coffee came with a little cookie in a magenta wrapper labeled "Stupid Little Biscuit." How every postmodern. I've been served an experience of irony, right here at the train station. That makes me smile. I always enjoy my friends' hospitality, and it's nice to get away to a house and a place where the nature isn't completely covered over with concrete, at least for a weekend. Nicola roasted a joint of lamb, and it was amazing. I've uploaded photos of some of the touristy things we did: Morwellham Quay was a copper exporting town active about a hundred and fifty years ago that's been to some extent preserved and restored. We drove around the Dartmoor region, as well as the notorious prison; I understand that it's something like a British Alcatraz.

Hm. The Stupid Little Biscuit is gingerbread.

David is the ecumenical coordinating chaplain at the University of Plymouth, which means (as you might expect) that he coordinates the work of various chaplains with students and staff at the University. The team includes ministers/chaplains of several Christian traditions and other faiths, including an Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, Pentecostal, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, and Muslim clerics. There's an odd Buddhist around as well. I hung around the chaplaincy yesterday to meet some interesting folks and to serve as a "beast of burden." Yes, in addition to being charming, I do alright at picking things up and putting them down in other places.

I am literally afraid of scones. They just aren't right.

Oh, and look for my blog to get controversial this week...

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Katey said...

Kyle! I drove....... a car! I'm at my mamaw & papaw's and the have a lot of land. So as my mamaw and I were coming back from the store I said, "You should let me drive up the driveway (because it's pretty lengthy) and she let me! It was fun. But i get to do it again when we get back fro mthe movies.

Alright, I know I'm crazy, but hey, you should know that by now too :)

Can't wait to see you soon.

Love & Peace,

Caelius said...

What's with "Vini Spiritus Sanctus" as opposed to "Veni Sancte Spiritus?"

Kyle said...

Eeeek! Katey! That's madness!

Caelius, I think it might have something to do with my limited ability to spell in Latin.


Thanks for the heads up. It's all fixy now. :0)

#Debi said...

Kyle, check Caelius' version again. It's still different...

I don't know which one's correct, of course, I'm just sayin'...

Caelius said...

Debi, we differ only with respect to the use of the vocative "Sancte" as opposed to nominative "Sanctus." Frankly, the use of the vocative is optional except when addressing the Holy Table, when it is clearly "O mensa" (long a) ;)