Sunday, June 18, 2006

Anglican News

Ordinary Time

Not that any of you come here for that kind of thing.

+Katharine Schori, bishop of Nevada, has been elected by the House of Bishops to be the next Presiding Bishop and primate of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. Kendall Harmon's news site seems to have collapsed under the present rate of traffic.

You might check out Ruth Gledhill's reporting.

I don't have a particular opinion, only that in terms of the larger issues that ECUSA and the Anglicans face revolves around the two key words of catholicity and adiaphora: upon what issues must there be a consensus in order to be united in faith and practice, and what in what matters can there be a happy diversity of opinion and practice?

Will it really be an issue ecumenically? I don't think so; not for a church/communion that already ordains women to the episcopate. ECUSA doesn't consider it's P.B. to be quite the equivalent of a primate/archbishop/metropolitan anyway, so far as I can tell.

Meanwhile, I'm packing. Wheee!

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