Friday, June 02, 2006

This Week


As the poet once asked, "What's goin' on?" My writing has been sparse recently, which means I'm going to post some disconnected thoughts.

I depart for the United States on June 20. I am terribly anxious to be with my friends at home. At the same time, it is very painful to leave my friends here, for this has also been home. I couldn't have asked for a better year here. I will throw at least two more parties before I leave.

Jim is a recent addition to our little circle here. He's a dean of Marsh Chapel at Boston University, and all kinds of fun. One can have some real conversations with him, about such things as fiddleback chasubles and chapel architecture. In a particularly embarrassing episode, we got all confused and thought yesterday was the feast of Corpus Christi.

Stop mocking me!

I've been spending a lot of time in the Radcliffe Camera, so I don't have much to report about that. Our finalist friends are stressed, but we've been having a good time just the same, when they can come out and play. I had Indian food with Jen and Steve the other day, and saw X-Men with Jim and Laura last week. You know, I knew the X-Men had to win, but I hoped against hope that Magneto would emerge victorious all the same. I was all like, "Go, Magneto, kill those bigoted humans!" and everybody was all like, "Hey, you need to be quiet."

See, when I watch films with my friends, I note two distinct philosophies at work. One of those is "Hey, I'm really funny," and the other is, "Kyle, sit down and be quiet." The two are only barely compatible.

My fellow Regent's students did an amazing job with "The Importance of Being Ernest" last night. I swear, it was typecasting. We went for drinks at the Lamb and Flag afterwards. I feel so very... Oxonian...

I gave the homily amongst the 'hOME Community' two weeks ago; I'd have a recording for you, but alas, it seems I didn't turn my mic on. How odd that nobody told me...! I will work up my notes and post them soon, however. I'd hate to have a thought that wasn't widely publicized.

I'm going to Plymouth for a long weekend with David and Nicola. It will be 87 kinds of fun.

I saw DVC with the graduates this week. It was boring. It was too long. The plot twists were confusing, melodramatic and pointless. And the papal tiara in the flashback just looked cheap. Although the historical reconstruction of the Council of Nicea was very funny. What is less funny is that people are going to sit there and say, "Ooh, there was a flashback. It must be true." It's amazing what people think we can and can't know about history. They're usually wrong. Typically, I'm right. Just so we're clear on this.


#Debi said...

Hey, when you saw X3, did you stay until after the credits? My classmates tell me that there was more footage after the credits finished. I'm very bummed about this, as it means I'll have to go see it again...

Anonymous said...

"It's amazing what people think we can and can't know about history. They're usually wrong. Typically, I'm right. Just so we're clear on this."

This is what I love about you...


(I found the representation appaling and it turned my stomach to think of what a TRUE historian would have to have suffered through during that blatantly false and ridiculously silly re-enactment... Poor bastards...)

Richard de Chico said...

The Lamb and the Flag? That was my hangout for a brief two week stint in '91 while at a conference held at Keble. (Name drop warning) Had a few pints with Tom Howard and Peter Kreeft.

Ahh... memories.

As for me, I'm off with the youth group tomorrow to Baja to smuggle Cuban cigars and switchblades over the border.

Oh yeah, and work on a Rancho that serves as a Christian orphanage and special ed school in Rural Baja.

Kyle said...

Debi, I didn't stay, sadly. I conjecture, however, that they were actually all enveloped in a cocoon of telekinetic energy. That's the only explanation. :0)

Mike, it's important to be clear about such things. And yes, it was painful indeed. History is all about sources and methods. There's not as much evidence leading to "obvious" conclusions as people think. I mean generally, not just DVC. Except that cocoon of telekinetic energy, which is pretty obvious.

Nice, Richard. I smoked some cubans last week and it was sweet. Have a great time and may you and everybody involved be abundantly blessed.

#Debi said...

Well, if it's still playing when you get back, we'll have to go see it again together. Just to prove you right, of course...