Thursday, June 29, 2006

On Being Postmodern

I was talking to one of them critters a few months ago. You know, one of those conversations - with a post-evangelical deconstructionalist. Ahem.

My interlocuter insisted that it was silly for Christians to wear a cross around their necks:
"Don't people realize that it was an instrument of execution? It's not pretty! If Jesus had died in an electric chair, would you wear that around your neck?"

"Well, probably. That's kind of the point."
It's the new postmodern hobby. People just like to "deconstruct" things, even they don't know quite what or why or how. The implication being, of course, that I do think I know what I'm doing, hee hee! Look at me! Look at me deconstruct things! I'm postmodern and naughty!
"In all our travels and movements, in all our coming in and going out, in putting on our shoes, at the bath, at the table, in lighting our candles, in lying down, in sitting down, whatever employment occupies us, we mark our forehead with the sign of the cross."

- Tertullian of Carthage, c. AD 200


Bryan said...

I love the Tertullian quote. Good stuff.

Ben Finger said...

Wickedly funny. You definnetly made my smile this morning with that.

Anonymous said...

I'm naughty, for sure...

But I like this whole "ancient tradition" thing going on...