Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday Night World Cup

Ordinary Time

I'm posting this just so I can say that I'm liveblogging the World Cup. This will be my first ever attempt at sports commentary. Remember, you saw it here first!

Man, I love that United States' first goal was practically score by Italy. Oh, the humanity! At halftime both United States and Italy have each lost a player due to red cards, and are matched 1-1.

Well, that's that. Have I ever mentioned that I played soccer for two years in high school? It was pretty sweet. I remember the first goal our team ever scored was on ourselves; our goalie was kind of stocky and overweight and didn't have a neck, and he managed to bicycle kick the ball behind his own head and into the goal while trying to get it out of there.

This is the night of my final party at the Mish; it's early yet, and at the moment I'm just watching the game with Chris, Patrick, Darron and Symi.


9:05 Update. Another red card for the Americans! What the heck?

9:38 Update. Brad and Jim have arrived, so the fury quotient of the room has increased exponentially. And we're still 1-1 and 81 minutes into the game. Darron is challenging me to use phrases like "Blessed Sacrament" in my sporting analysis, and Jim is upping the ante with "humeral veil." Edith, Laura and Ruth have retreated to the kitchen to avoid shrapnal when Brad and Patrick break things.

9:51 Update. A tie. Well, it means we're still in the game. Where can I buy a US jersey? They're not around the shops here for some reason...

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jason said...

The Uruguayan ref who was throwing out all the cards has a controversial past, and was supsended during the 2002 World Cup for questionable decisions; looks like 2006 won't be any different.

Ending in a tie with Italy with one man down is a win for the U.S. as far as I'm concerned. We performed far better than we were expected to.

As for us still being in the game, Ghana's upset over the Czechs gave us a big boost there--we wouldn't have been eliminated even if we lost.

Brother Maynard said...

Whew, that was close - but no goal!

Go Italy!

Matt said...

"US Jersey"? We call them 'shirts' over here dude! It was a great game to watch - even for the neutral. Found myself willing the US to hold on towards the end which was an odd experience for me! Watching the General Convention right now has something of the same vibe! Anyway, see you tonight brother! Matt.

Kyle said...

No kidding, Jason.

Brother Maynard! What is this? Cheering for Italy?



I'm not sure the phrase "football shirt" really conveys anything to North Americans; and the things I talk about in this space are confusing enough!

Yah, ditto on GenCon. They're electing the new PB today. Perhaps I should have done some kissing up while I had the chance...? :0)

#Debi said...

Plz to explain to me this "red card"?

We'll see if we can't find you a "football shirt" once you're back in the USA...

You go, you jock you...