Saturday, May 20, 2006

What is the Kingdom?


The new one from Sven:

You scored as The Kingdom is mystical communion.

You place a strong emphasis on continuity with those who have gone before you in the faith, and you might see the Kingdom of God as primarily a matter of spirituality

The Kingdom is mystical communion


The Kingdom as Earthly Utopia


The Kingdom as a counter-system


Kingdom as a Christianised Society


The Kingdom as Institutional Church


The Kingdom is a Future Hope


The Kingdom as a political state


Inner spiritual experience


What is the Kingdom of God?
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Oooh. Shocker. See, I actually think that Kingdom = Church.

What's the problem?

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Anonymous said...


I'm fairly sure that my ecclesiology matches yours Kyle and I came out as 'Kingdom as Christianised society'!

I'm not sure whether I agree with this or not.

If this is interpreted as 'human society brought 'into' Christ' then perhaps I agree, but the phrase 'Christianised' feels so culturally limited that I can't help think of 'Christendom' which I something I'm sure I'd move against.

Interesting quiz though.

Hope your well mate!


+ Alan said...

Very interesting quiz - how it was worded, etc. I actually scored, and this makes me a little queezy to say, "Kingdom as Institutional Church" - :O

Here's my problem with that - language. the "institution" of the Church is different than "the Church," but in the quiz, of course, there is no such distinction. So, if you answer several things in league with the Church being identified with the Kingdom on earth, you're scored as "institutional."

Interesting that so many cannot see the Church apart from this kind of institutional thinking. I see the Church as mystical - the Mystical Body. Anyway, funny.

Anonymous said...

I scored the same as Tigger.

And I like it that way.


#Debi said...

Mine was:

"You scored as Kingdom as a Christianised Society.

Christians shouldn't withdraw from the world, but by being present in it they can transform it. The kingdom is not only spiritual, but social, political, and cultural."

For whatever that's worth...

Kyle said...

Good points, all.

Some things are just too nuanced to fit in a survey. Or maybe none of us would like the book Steven was resourcing for this, whichever.