Sunday, May 07, 2006

Persons More Clever Than I


I just got back from Amsterdam and I'm trying to figure out what my responsibilities are this week, other than continuing to sleep off this cold. I essentially lost second week because of it and various pressing concerns. However, my meeting with my supervisor focused me very well, so the work will pass quickly for the remainder of the term.

Some good stuff to read:

Alan Creech > "things we repeat." Regarding sex, the eucharist, prayer and saying 'i love you.'

Joshua Hearne > "at the end of my first year."

It turns out that even though I’m finished with 1/3 of Divinity School, they still haven’t started teaching me to be divine. I was hoping to be able to, at least, turn water to wine by now. I’d like to major in Water-Based miracles with a minor in paradoxical sayings. All they’ve been teaching me about is ministry, theology, history, and biblical studies. I assume we start cracking into the miracles and feats and such next semester.

J. Patrick Briscoe talks about politics and his family, and features "Monday Things Around the House Blogging" at his Gladly Suffering Fools. He's hilarious, and you should read him.

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J Hearne said...

Thanks for the link, Kyle.

A said...

And not a word about Amsterdam?

Scott M. Collins said...

What happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam.

Hope you get to feeling better Kyle.