Wednesday, May 03, 2006



I had the best time ever last night; several folks came over to watch Swingers, one of my favorite films. I think it's gotten us all ready for Amsterdam.

We are so money.

I've been awfully sick for these past few days, so I've gotten very little done: no writing, a few lectures, and very light reading. I hope to have just a little background work done by the end of this week so I can write an intelligent draft of my dissertation proposal.

My remaining proposals will go somewhere along the lines of...

Mission Module: "Christian Missions and the American Empire"

Experiential Module: "Ministers and Priests in the Postmodern Church"

Dissertation: "Evangelism as Hospitality in Post-Christian North America"

Suggestions for my bibliography are quite welcome.

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Chris said...

the bible

Scott M. Collins said...

Dr. Christine Pohl, a professor here at Asbury Theological Seminary, has done some good work in Hospitality. She has a book and I think Peter's going to try to take her hospitality class sometime (though the timing of that may not help you).

stephen said...

I think this book would be good for the hospitality paper, but you probably already knew about it.

I might be able to recommend more books if you posted the abstracts of the papers.

Anonymous said...

"Christian Missions and the American Empire" I like this one. So, do it.

Do it.

Tom Mohan said...

Dissertation: "Evangelism as Hospitality in Post-Christian North America"

I been meditating on evangelism as listening, which is something many americans have trouble with and no doubt part of what you are thinking about.

You've likely read this:
Making Room: Recovering Hospitality As a Christian Tradition ; Pohl
ISBN: 0802844316

Kyle said...

Thanks, everybody. I'm trying to read three books before writing up a proposal in a couple of weeks: Gibbs and Bolger's Emerging Churches, Pohl's Making Room, and School(s) for Conversion.

I'll post my proposed treatments as I write them up.

Anonymous said...

I just re-read a bih cunk of Emerging Churches. Good stuff.

Adam said...

Kyle, I'd recommend some Martin Heidegger. He's German (which is good), almost entirely unintelligible (which is even better), and completely irrelevant to your topic. But he'll make you sound really smart.

Good luck on the dissertation.

Kyle said...