Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holy Saturday

Christ in the Tomb

A Prayer for Holy Saturday

O faithful, come, let us behold our Life laid in a tomb to give life to those who dwell in tombs. Come, let us behold him in his sleep and cry out to him with the voice of the prophets: 'You are like a lion. Who shall arouse you, O King? Rise by your own power, O you who have given yourself up for us, O Lover of mankind.'

We await the Great Vigil.

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yakobus said...

This has been my first triduum, i've found a new depth to celebrating Christ that i've only felt echos of over the past few years under Tom, my new godfather. Before then, i had no other "communal" means of meditating on the season, except the usual passion play and the usual pro-longed version of every other sermon preached the previous and future year. I am truly greatful.