Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Thought for Trinity Sunday

"Since the days of the apostles the worship of the church was meant to serve as a critical vehicle for imparting doctrina, that is, ordered teaching, about the Christian faith. Christian leaders found that worship was too good an opportunity to waste on anything but supplying the believer with concrete foundations of how to think and live Christianly. Hence there was a reciprocal relation between worship and doctrine, between the act of praise and the task of theology."

D.H. Williams, "Similis et Dissimilis: Gauging our Expectations of the Early Fathers," from the 2007 Wheaton Theology Conference.


Peter said...

Oooo...that's good.

Anonymous said...

Of all the days of the liturgical year to be sick, I have to be sick on Trinity Sunday?!? ARGH! Adds insult to injury since this is also the one week of month my home church serves the Eucharist. Probably the only darn time of year that The Holy Trinity gets its due course in our worship. *grumble*