Thursday, April 26, 2007

Postmodern Anglo-Catholic Anarchists

Mark the Evangelist

Consider it my stream of the "New Oxford Movement."

Yes, it's a somewhat narrow interest group. Join it on Facebook.

The description:

For those of us who

Greet the post-modern critique with guarded optimism because we understand that Modernity's stories were and are not great lenses for understanding and living the Christian faith

Believe that
  • God mediates his presence and power through the Holy Spirit by the instruments of matter and
  • The life of the Christian community in the world is sacramental, meaning that God also mediates presence and power through the life that Christians share together for their healing and that of the world
Appreciate the Anabaptist tradition of the Christian faith, which doesn't put confidence in a Christendom settlement, knowing that
  • All Caesars will be judged and
  • In the meantime, Caesar is more than happy to kill the people who take their baptism seriously whenever it suits him.
Patron saints:

Stanley Hauerwas
John Howard Yoder
Lesslie Newbigin
William Cavanaugh
Menno Simmons
Polycarp of Smyrna
Ignatius of Antioch


Anonymous said...

Anarchists have a group?

Anonymous said...

I suppose I never thought of myself as an anarchist until someone accused me of such the other day. Other than the label, I think you are probably the closest to where I find myself at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Make me an officer!

SaintSimon said...

Hey, I'm very confused now!

Peter said...

Yeah -- but who runs this thing?

Kyle said...

Well, I do. Obviously.

rawbbie said...

uhm, yoder is deffinitely cool. I'm in, but I refuse to follow your leed.

Peter said...

That's shrewd of you -- an anarchist who is in charge.

You should think about a career in politics.

Expax said...

Sounds like fun.

Kyle said...

"Steal this Blog."

Jarrod said...

libertarian would be better, yes yes ?

didn't i hear about this "new" group at a Willow Creek conference?

#Debi said...

Libertarian is ALWAYS better...