Thursday, February 22, 2007

Southern Breakfasts


Today was my first solo run on biscuits and gravy. I have learned some things.

I used whole wheat to make the biscuits. Yes, it was an honorable thing to do, but at the same time, using whole grain for southern biscuits and gravy is like eating granola or oatmeal but adding a half cup of maple syrup. It's not so much avoiding heart disease as merely confusing it.

Next time, white flour, more salt, 3 minutes less in the oven, and a bit more milk. That should do it.

It reminds me of my college roommate from first semester who was monstrously lazy, and would complain endlessly about the fact that the ice cream case was on the opposite side of the cafeteria from the root beer.

To save the walking, he would use Diet Coke for what would have otherwise been root beer floats. When I made fun of him, he would insist, "every little bit helps."

Yes indeedy.

I'm going to make some whole wheat sugar cookies. With a whole cup of Crisco. "Look, kids! Eating healthy is fun."

Check out this colossal squid.


The Archer of the Forest said...

I recommend using buttermilk in the biscuit dough. It gives the biscuits a better flavor. If you need a recipe, shoot me an e-mail.

Julie said...

That was just wrong and you know it, you can never pretend to be Southern again! I remember you giving me a hard time about cooking with "fake" ingredients, shame.
Oh, and I enjoyed the podcast, but laughing at your antics while in the gym made me look like a freak.

+ Alan said...

Whole wheat biscuits, oh my. Reach thou into thy Mountain heritage my boy. :) And definitely buttermilk. In the old days you know, that Crisco would have been lard.