Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Importance of Being Polite

Ordinary Time

I'm working a short shift at the bookstore today. I like the bookstore.

I had a job I didn't like, once. A co-worker was leaving, so there was a reception at the workplace. I was cornered by an older woman I'd always seen as rude.
"So has this job been a good experience for you, Kyle?"

"Well, it's definitely been an interesting experience. I've seen some things I wouldn't have otherwise, and I've learned a lot."

"But would you say you've had a good experience overall?"

"I've met some people I'll always remember, and I've been able to do some helpful thinking about my life and career direction..."

"Yes, but has it been good? Are you glad you came?"
Just then someone else walked up to join the conversation. I got out of it by asking that person a leading question, and excused myself before it could get back 'round to me again.

I thought the exchange belonged in an awkward dinner party scene in a whimsical Victorian play.


Anonymous said...

I have many similar conversations over coffee after parish communion at my placement church. I know how you feel!

Not here anymore said...

So....ARE you glad you came...or, I guess now it would be - glad you went?

katie said...


You should have said yes with your fingers crossed behind your back.

Problem solved. :0)

Kyle said...

Thanks, Simon.

You know the answer to that, Allison.

Katie, next time I will lie right through my teeth. :-P

Not here anymore said...

Right. I can't be funny, though? I'm losing my touch.