Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Decisions, Decisions

Ordinary Time
Francis of Assisi

I've put off so many things in the last couple of months, trying to get these essays done. I have people to write, and much to write about! We're doing to do this "Choose Your Own Adventure" style. Remember those?

Here are some options:

The Academic. I could re-write the more interesting aspects of my work into blog-digestible bits; my essays were on (if you recall) Use of the Bible, Eucharistic Ecclesiology, and Mission and American Empire. I could also write some short book reviews.

The Communal. I've got some reflections rolling around in regard to living with people and living together as both "the Church" and "a church." No surprise there.

The Anecdotal. I can talk about what I do all day. This would be boring coming from some folks, but fortunately for all of you, I'm hilarious.

The Personal. I could reflect on my "spiritual pilgrimage" and make vague and tantalizing references to what a big ol' sinner I am. Also known as the "Dark Humor" option.

The Controversial. This one is pretty much just rants about Calvinists. But you know you love it.

Which do you like to read? Have I successfully summarized my typical genres? Any suggestions?

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JHearne said...

I'd like some controversial so I can get some hate mail to read you.

SaintSimon said...

If you do 'Personal' you can weave in all the other categories.

Anonymous said...

Controversy! You gotta think of ways to drive up the hit count!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, personal is always good. I would love to hear about American Empire though.

I'd also love to hear you rant about Calvinists. One of my friends recently got into a personal relationship with John Calvin and I need something to calm him down so we don't have to lock him up for six months.

Hope you're doing well, God bless dude!

Anonymous said...

"a personal relationship with John Calvin." That's really funny.

Maybe Kyle should tell us more about his own growing personal relationship with Stanley Hauerwaus. On second thought....

I think we need something to calm him down.

Love ya Kyle.

#Debi said...

How about a 5-week series in which you take one week for each of these options, and then a sort of round-up in the sixth week to bring it all together?

Anonymous said...

I want your recipe for meatloaf.