Thursday, November 18, 2004

christlife : not there yet

I attended the Renovare conference at Asbury with a couple of the guys two weekends ago. It helped me get my bearings on a few things, among them:

The point of discipleship is to become more like Jesus. Not prayer or good works in themselves, but to belong to him and be re-formed in his image. To show justice and mercy like him and effect healing like him, we must live like him.

The spiritual disciplines aren’t meant to be herculean demonstrations of spiritual strength. It’s not like a body building competition. It’s more like going to the gym to get in your cardio workout: it’s maintenance.

Contemplation, for example, is not done for its own sake. It’s a way of relating to Jesus. It’s good and right to go for slow, sustainable change. Fifteen minutes a day of quiet and meditating on something true and right isn’t second best to spending three hours a day. The latter may never be feasible. If it is, great. A balanced Christian life is more important.


Unknown said...

The things that a mind sometimes tries to grasp is sometimes an awesome thing. This topic hits home with me - one who has grown up to believe that it is these "acts" that make me a better disciple or make me some superhero Christian. I grew up believing that doing these things made God love me more. That is not the case. He loves me unconditionally. His love does not sway nor does His love play favorites.

It is perfect and true. What else could I or anybody else want?

Now that is something to ponder......

Bryan said...

Thanks for sharing those thoughts Kyle. I enjoyed chatting with you at the Creeches about the conference. Sounds like a lot of good stuff presented. I have to agree . . . slow and steady works for me. It was good to be reminded that the ultimate goal of these disciples is for us to be transformed more and more into the likeness of Christ. Dang, that reminds me, I have a looong way to go.

Bryan said...

ooops....I can't type . . . should read "disciplines" not "disciples" :-)

New Life said...

I loved my Renovare expereince three years ago in SF. Yes, it is about deepening our relationship with the Lover of our souls.

Great post, as usual.

alycepaige said...

its nice to know people like you exist. my friend sent me your blog address...very insightful. i will continue reading. thanks for being "that guy"