Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Civil War Adventures

It's been a pretty quiet few days. "Kmart" came to visit me the week after Christmas, but alas we both ended up getting some kind of nasty flu varient. So we put off our sight-seeing until the last bit of the weekend. We went to Corsicana and saw a towel soiled with the blood of Abraham Lincoln.

Yeah, that'll give you nightmares.

I'll be teaching at the end of February on "Understanding Christian Fundamentalism." I'm really excited about it, because exploring that stuff is of course one of my best hobbies. I intend to focus on helping folks make sense of words like "charismatic," "evangelical," and "fundamentalist" so they'll not only be able to "get" people of those persuasions (even if it's just a little bit) but also be a little less prone to use those words entirely interchangably, which is the habit of a number of folks around these parts.

See, it's all about what irritates me. :0)