Friday, December 06, 2002

First Post

Hiya! For those of you who are a friend of a friend, here's an introduction. I'm a student at Georgetown College, Ky. I broke my neck, back, and other important bits in an auto accident in October. But I'm recovering. Thanks for praying.

I am using this spot to bounce some ideas. I am Captain Sacrament, not Cheerfulness, so I'm going for dark, post-modern grit. I make no apologies for traces of protest atheism, social irreverence, or my expectations that the God of the Incarnation is working out his purpose in me THROUGH what I have experienced and will yet suffer in the months ahead.

Help me out, post or e-mail your insightful observations and pithy remarks. Just click on the "Comments" hyperlink.

If I end up with a large audience I've not met yet, I might post a bio.