Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yip Yip Yip


I had a bowl of chocolate lucky charms for breakfast. It pretty much turned the milk to sludge. It was pretty awesome. And coffee, of course. And pancakes. The other Kyle and I are grilling lamb burgers for lunch in a few hours. I'm excited.
Caren: I have this mental image of you running around like a chihuahua whose owners just came home...
Definately. Yeah, pretty much.

Soon I'll post some readings from Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described. And maybe some stuff on fiddle back chasubles.


Katey said...

So you had breakfast... and second breakfast! :)

See you later, since you're like staying in my house and all. Still really sorry I have yet to find you CDs. I'll keep lookin.

Love & Peace

jess said...

"..running around like a chihuahua whose owners just came home..."

...and peeing on the carpet in excitement?

A said...

I just had a thought that "The Fiddleback Chasubles" might be a cool name for a band. Ha! They could be a combination of bluegrass and gregorian chant. Either I'm delirious this morning or that might actually have potential.


Chris said...

wanna hit Nando's tonight? Oh that's right, you have REAL restaurants where you are at the moment....

Allison said...

i havent mentioned lately that i like you. i do. maybe we'll talk soon. i lost your number or i would have called sooner.
glad you're back for a while. enjoy your visit.

Kyle said...


I try to protect the carpet.

A., how did you know the name of my secret bluegrass band?

Chris, I just had biscuits and gravy. Boo yah!

I hope you're well, Allison. I'll be back for the summer in July.

Sven said...

There's another Kyle?

I feel cheated somehow. It makes you less unique.

Kyle said...

The other Kyle and I are very nearly polar opposites. We're both amazing, and certainly unique. :-P